Fiber Optic Splice Trailer

The Splice Trailer protects the splicing operation from weather and debris, while providing the technician with convenience and comfort in the field.

The trailer features a 6 feet 6 inch interior height with insulated walls and ceilings. The entrance door is located at the rear of the trailer to provide maximum workspace in the interior.

Two fiber optic cable doors (one in the back and one on the curb side) enable technicians to work on outdoor lines in an inside environment.


New Linoleum floor, rear step, heat and air conditioning units, 25 aluminum cabinets to store items, electric brakes, fluorescent lighting, a generator with an inside fuel gauge for added convenience and a full length roadside countertop.

The ADJ front pintle hitch easily connects to the pulling vehicle, and more.

Fiber Optics For Sale Co. will arrange transportation anywhere in USA. Delivery not included in price.

Outside Dimensions (16'10" L x 9' 1" W x 9' 7" H) (Length includes hitch.)

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Fiber Optic Splice Trailer Part No: F1-9798NN In Stock $31,500.00
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