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AMP Corelink Single Mode/Multimode Mechanical Splice

AMP Part No.: FO45900

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The Corlink splice is an easy-to-use, high performance mechanical splice for 125 µm cladding singlemode and multimode fibers. Its unique clamping mechanism is activated with a simple key, no other tooling is required.

The transparent material allows the crafts person to both see and feel the fiber position. CORELINK is re-mateable - either fiber can be removed and replaced in the splice at any time. Index matching gel is preloaded in the splice alignment channel.

This Corlink splice accepts any combination of 250µm coated and 900µm buffered fibers. Typical splice loss is 0.15dB.

Corlink can be housed in a variety of splice trays for placement in closures, ONUs, and fiber enclosures.


  • Two splice assembly keys are included with set of 12 splices. But no splice key is included if you order less than a set of 12 splices.

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