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In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaning Gun for LEMO SMPTE 304M Connectors
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In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaning Gun for LEMO SMPTE 304M Connectors

LEMO Part No.: AFC-3000-LEMO

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SMPTE 304M Lemo Connector Ferrule Cleaning Gun

In-adapter ferrule cleaner can quickly remove contamination on connector endfaces and bulkheads. This easy to use cleaner can clean a connector in less than 5 seconds with no physical work.

The AFC-3000-LEMO comes with cleaning gun, cartridge and LEMO tips.

Product Features:

  • Clean SMPTE Connectors Fast!
  • Remove 99.5% of Contaminants
  • Solve Problems by Cleaning First
  • Great for Field and Indoor Applications

User's Manual Download:

Product Description:

The quickest and most reliable ferrule cleaning device available!

The AFC-3000 Cleaning Gun uses a cleaning filament which is mechanically pulled and rotated across the surface of the connector ferrule, providing an immaculately clean surface in just 3 seconds of operation. The internal electric motor (powered by two AA batteries) is actuated by insertion of the gun tip into a bulkhead adapter (for through-the-adapter cleaning), or by inserting the connector ferrule directly into the gun tip. The motor automatically stops operating after 3 seconds of cleaning. Unless the contamination is baked on the ferrule, or the ferrule itself is damaged, the cleaning process should require no more than a single cleaning cycle.

Tips, both male (for direct cleaning) and female (for through-the-bulkhead cleaning) are available for most commonly-used types of connectors (circular ferrules only!).

Of special interest to television broadcasters: The AFC-3000 has a tip specifically designed for use with SMPTE 304M connectors (commonly called "Lemo" connectors).

Cleaning cartridges are available for 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm ferrules. The 2.5 mm cartridges are available in short and extended-length (4-inch) versions. The extended-length cartridge requires a 4-inch extension to be used between the gun and the tips. All cartridges provide 600 cleaning cycles.



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