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10" Diameter Fiber Pedestal with 24 Drop Max Qty, 6 Tray Capacity

Charles Industrials Part No.: BDO5-EG

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10" Diameter Fiber Pedestal with 24 Drop Max Qty, 6 Tray Capacity (Utilitizes 5" x 12" splice tray)

Buried distribution pedestals designed for superior outside plant protection of fiber optic splice and storage points

Minimum Order Quantity of 9 from Manufacturer

Download the Charles BDO Pedestals Spec Sheet

Pedlock BDO Series Pedestals are a key element of any FTTP solution. In both greenfield and brownfield fiber deployments, BDO Pedestals provide easy access to branch and drop splice while protecting and storing loose buffer tube fiber optic cables. The exclusive BDO bracket allows technicians to mount splice trays and splitters securely with ample access to perform in-field splicing.

BDO Pedestals feature a non-metallic construction that offers super OSP protection against floods, fire, dirt, insects and impact. An expanded-capacity split base is designed to easily install around conduit-fed cable bundles in new construction (excludes 14 diameter pedestals). BDO pedestals are an ideal solution for rehabilitation of metallic enclosures, and protection of co-located copper/fiber distribution points

Product Features

  • Non-metallic PVC construction wont rust, corrode, chip or fade. Internal components are protected from floods, fires, and wind-blown dust and debris
  • Two splice bracket options provide users with a choice between fiber only splicing (G Bracket) or copper/fiber splicing in a single enclosure (B Bracket)
  • Splice tray "holster" accommodates all commonly used fiber splice trays with a 5" x 12" or smaller footprint
  • Two-piece expanded capacity split base makes it easy for technicians to place the pedestal over conduit-fed cable bundles, and are an ideal solution for rehabilitating metallic enclosures
  • Bonding/grounding bar meets all RUS requirements for proper bonding and grounding of service wires and cable sheaths
  • Lift-off dome provides 360§ access to internal splicing area
  • Dome attaches securely to the base using a self-locking 216-hex head bolt lock


Product Specifications

G Bracket BDO Pedestals
Diameter 6" 8"
Drop Qty 4 ea. 8 ea.
Splitters (Tray) 1 X 4 1 X 4 or 1 X 8
Loose Tube Storage 6 tubes 12 ft (ñ 2ft) 8 tubes 12 ft (ñ 2ft)
Fiber Tray Capacity 2 trays (5" X 12") 5 trays (5" X 12")
3 trays (6" X 15")
Fiber Splice Capacity
(single fusion)
24f(2 trays @ 12f)
48f (2 trays @ 24f)
60f(5 trays @ 12f)
120f (5 trays @ 24f)
144f(3 trays @ 48f)
Diameter 10" 12"
Drop Qty 12 ea. 24 ea.
Splitters (Tray) 1 X 4, 1 X 8 or 1 X 16 1 X 4, 1 X 8 or 1 X 16
Loose Tube Storage 24 tubes 12 ft (ñ 2ft) 32 tubes 12 ft (ñ 2ft)
Fiber Tray Capacity 7 trays (5" X 12")
6 trays (6" X 15")
9 trays (5" X 12")
8 trays (6" X 15")
Fiber Splice Capacity
(single fusion)
84f(7 trays @ 12f)
168f (7 trays @ 24f)
288f(6 trays @ 48f)
108f(9 trays @ 12f)
216f (9 trays @ 24f)
384f(8 trays @ 48f)




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