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NTT-AT 2.5mm Stick Cleaner for SC, FC and ST Mating Sleeves and Bulkheads - 10 per Pack

NTT-AT Part No.: F1636610P

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  • per pack

This stick cleaner is designed for "dry" or "wet" cleaning the inside of SC, FC, ST or other 2.5mm ferrule mating sleeves and bulkheads. It provides high cleaning capability and low cost. For "wet" cleaning just use this stick cleaner with ethanol or other solvent.


  • Pick up one stick cleaner from the bag. If you would like to do "wet" cleaning just infiltrate it with ethanol or other solvent.
  • Insert stick into the sleeve and gently roll 3 times at the same direction.
  • Pull stick out of the sleeve.
  • Discard the used stick. It is one time use only.


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