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MicroCare Cleaning Stick - Combo Pack - 20ea. 2.5mm, 10ea 1.25mm and 20ea. for all military termini

Microcare Part No.: MCC-VS

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MicroCare Cleaning Stick - Combo Pack - 20ea. of 2.5mm, 10ea of 1.25mm and 20ea. for all military termini.

The MicroCare Commercial or Standard Variety Pack (#MCC-VS) comes with the three most popular types of fiber optic cleaning sticks used in commercial applications.

These sticks use a fiberous polymer tip which is molded, not hand-wound. Molding provides a dimensional consistency impossible with other manufacturing processes, and ensures a optimal, slightly loose fit within the alignment sleeve. This enables the tip to spin off-center and improves the cleaning quality even on the smallest end-faces.

During use, the tip's fibers spread to trap and hold particulate. The tip flexes to fit connector end-faces, so no extra tools or processes are required to clean APC and other configurations.

This lift-and-grab action is enhanced by the capillary action of the fibers in the tip, so the fibers wick up liquids quickly. Only MicroCare can clean any connector, any configuration, any size, anywhere.

MicroCare cleaning sticks use a fibrous sintered polymer tip that is molded, not hand wound. These cleaning sticks deliver fast and consistent cleaning, even inside alignment sleeves. Compatible with a wide variety of solvents on todays optical market.

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