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USConec MTP/MPO I.B.C. In Bulkhead Cleaner

NTT-AT Part No.: F1-7104

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US Conec's MTP I.B.C. (In Bulkhead Cleaner) cleaner is a high-performance device designed for cleaning the ferrule end-faces of MPO (MTP) connectors. It is the first dry cloth cleaner specifically designed to clean the MTP/MPO while inside of an adapter, face-plate, or bulkhead.


  • Compliant with FOCIS 5-Type MPO style interface (MTP/MPO)
  • Cleaning of either male (with pins) or female (with-out pins) MT ferrules
  • Cleans both exposed jumper ends and connectors in adapters
  • An adapter is supplied for cleaning unmated MPO style fiber optic connectors
  • 600 cleanings per unit
  • Saves time by effectively cleaning all 12 fibers at once
  • Special cleaning cloth that is washed and debris free
  • Cost effective tool for cleaning fiber end-faces without the use of alcohol


  • Provides effective cleaning of dust and oil and is considered to be an essential tool for fiber optic networking gear such as switches and routers.
  • Also provides an effective cleaning solution for parallel optics transceivers.

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