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MINI-MORAY shield connector

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8000751

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Connector and the MINI-MORAY Shield Connector.

The specially designed teeth penetrate the polymer coating on the cable shield to provide excellent pull-out strength and electrical contact.

The tooth design resembles a "reverserake" pattern that allows teeth to "bite" into the cable shield.

Two teeth under the "spring-action" connector top are designed to keep it from letting go of the cable sheath.

The MORAY and MINI-MORAY Shield Connector with a "spring-action" top plate remain in contact with the shield at all times.

The "spring-action" design is flexible enough to handle the expansion and contraction of the cable sheath that results from varying temperature ranges, yet strong enough to maintain constant electrical contact.

With the addition of the MINI-MORAY Shield Connector, PLP can offer the flexibility of using the same reliable MORAY Shield Connector design for smaller diameter cables.

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