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MC2 Video Media Converter Transmitter

Mooseline Part No.: MC2-T-P-2

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MC2 Series 3G/HD/SDI Video BNC-ST-Transmitter

  1. MC2 Video Media Converter modules offer extended distance over singlemode fiber for high-speed serial digital video links for multi-protocol 3G/HD/SDI/DVB/ASI video applications with data transfer rates up to 2.97Gbps.
  2. The transmitter converts the 75ohm coaxial BNC video input to ST optical and the receiver converts it back to BNC coaxial output.
  3. With an easy to understand OLED display, operating parameters such as optical power, temperature and voltage may be read in the alphanumeric display.
  • Cable Driver on RX
  • Line Equalizer on TX
  • ST Physical Contact Optical Interface
  • +4.5 to 24 VDC Operating Voltage Range
  • Power Supply Sold Separately or Included in Kit models
  • RoHS-6 Compliant
  • Rugged Construction

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