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SFP-1020-WA SFP+ 10G BiDirectional optical module, single strand Tx:1270/Rx:1330nm 20Km type A

CTC Union Part No.: SFP-1020-WA

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Note: SFP-1020-WA is replacing entirely the older SFP-1010-WA (10Km) model. SFP-1020-WA can be matched with older
SFP-1010-WB and it is safe to be used on "same desk" with no attenuation required.

Product description

The SFP-1020-WA is a BiDirectional single fiber strand 10G SFP+ optical module using Tx:1270nm and Rx:1330nm wavelengths.
The transceiver supports all 10G rated speeds for Ethernet, SONET, SDH or Fibre Channel networks.
SFP-1020-WA must be paired with the SFP-1020-WB model to have an operational link.
The BiDirectional optical transceivers offer a great advantage of saving precious dark fiber and thus practically doubling the fiber capacity when compared with the traditional two strand modules.

SFP-1020-WA 10G SFP+ single strand BiDirectional transceiver specifications
Form factor SFP
Speed 9.95 to 10.3Gb/s
Optical connector single LC
Operating distance 20Km
Power single 3.3V
Compliance MSA SFF-8431, RoHS
Operating mode Bi-Directional
Fiber type Single-mode 9/125um, single strand
Wavelength Tx:1270nm/Rx:1330nm
Digital Diagnostic Yes (SFF-8472 compliant)


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