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3M Crimplok+ Connector Nano Polishing Tool for SC/UPC
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3M Crimplok+ Connector Nano Polishing Tool for SC/UPC

3M Part No.: 8765-NFUPC

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Features Benefits

  • No splice, gel or adhesive
  • Simple assembly tools
  • Thermally balanced design
  • Polishing film with every connector
  • One-piece, pre-assembled design
  • Field installation
  • Eliminates splice interface/ potential optical loss point
  • Fast, easy installation without electrical power
  • Excellent optical performance from -40°F to 167°F
  • Always have new polishing film
  • No small, loose parts
  • Always the right cable length with no cable slack to store
  • Low reflection, < -60dB for outdoor temperatures

Crimplok+ Connectors have a thermally balanced design that is tested for premisesand FTTP applications for indoor and outdoor conditions from -40°F to 167°F.

The connectors have a streamlined boot attached to the body, minimizing the chance oflosing or forgetting to install it during the termination process. After the installation, theboot keeps the fiber from kinking, even during side pull.The Crimplok+ Connectors and Tools are RoHS compliant.*



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