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E1 passive impedance adapter 75 ohm BNC female to 120ohm twisted pair

CTC Union Part No.: Balun-B1S

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The Balun-B1S device allows conversion of E1 signal from balanced to unbalanced and back.

BNC 75ohm interface is passively converted to 120 balanced twisted pair copper.

Balun-B1S converts only one single BNC.

For a complete E1 conversion two Balun-B1S units are required.

Features of Balun-B1S

  • Conversion between BNC coax 75ohm and RJ48c twisted pair 120ohm
  • Low cost and compact and light design
  • No power required
  • Technical specifications
  • Connectors: one female BNC and one RJ48c shielded
  • RJ48c pin assignment: P4(+), P5(-)

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