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Fast Ethernet 4 10/100Base-TX copper + one 100Base-FX fiber port, multi-mode, SC 2Km

CTC Union Part No.: FSW2104-MSC002

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Product description
The FSW-2104 is a perfect low cost way to expand Fast Ethernet networks and share a single fiber optic uplink connection. 100BaseFX optical uplink port can be ordered either multimode, for in-building networking, but also singlemode and even WDM single strand for connections of longer distance, up to 20Km.

The FSW2104-MSC002 model is having embedded AC switching power supply and a multi-mode, 62.5/125um optical module for 100Base-FX fiber connections, up to 2Km distance. The optical connector is dual SC. Special versions for single-mode and single strand fiber are also available.

Typical applications for FSW-2104 are in-building Ethernet networks with normal data traffic load. The FSW-2104 is a good replacement for single port fiber optic media converters, eliminating need of installing an extra switch to connect more than one host to the fiber network.

FSW-2104 does offer auto MDI/MDIX detection on copper ports and supports Broadcast Storm Protection and both full duplex and half duplex operations. It has a 1K MAC address entry table and a 512Kb buffer size, which makes it suitable in moderate data traffic LAN's.

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