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Greenlee SP-30008 Kwik Stepper 1-1/8'' Multi-Hole Step Bit

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-30008

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Greenlee SP-30008 Kwik Stepper 1-1/8'' Multi-Hole Step Bit

The Greenlee® SP-30008 Kwik Stepper® 1-1/8'' Multi-Hole Step Bit cuts up through 3/8" (9.5 mm) mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, wood, plastic and laminates. It is designed to penetrate through steel faster. The double-flute construction of the step drill bit is balanced and requires less pressure. An oxide coating provides heat and corrosion resistance, increasing the life of high speed steel drill bits. The Greenlee drill bits will resist walking and skidding, even on round surfaces. Maximum material thickness: 10 gauge.

With the Greenlee SP-30008 Kwik Stepper Multi-Hole Step Bit you can drill up to 3 hole sizes: 1/2", 7/8" and 1-1/8". This multi-hole step drill bit from Greenlee Textron has an overall length of 2-15/16" and features minimum chuck size of 3/8". Designed and manufactured in USA.

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