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Media Converter Rack Mount with redundant power
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Media Converter Rack Mount with redundant power

Mooseline Part No.: MCR-1400

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Media Converter Rack, MCR-1400 is designed to accommodate fourteen separate and independent media converters within a rack-mountable chassis.

The rack is fitted with two switching power supplies for enhanced reliability.

This means that if one supply should fail, the other is capable of taking over immediately.

The MCR-1400 can also be installed in a standard 19-inch site rack; provision has been made for the appropriate connecting brackets.


  • House up to fourteen Media Converters.
  • Front Panel LED's for power and working status
  • Standard 19" Rack mount Size
  • Non-Stop Operation & Minimal Downtime
  • HOT-SWAPPABLE Media Converters and Redundant PSU with fans
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • Provides two cooling fans on the right side
  • Ventilation holes on each side
  • Power Redundancy & Power Isolation: two high quality internal power supplies provided for load-sharing purpose
  • Load sharing mechanism: if one power supply fails, the redundant power supply is capable of taking over immediately
  • Converter bay power isolation ensures each bay is electrically isolated from each other
  • Over Current Protection: Fuses on PCB for each converter bay
  • Fuse on each power supply
Fourteen media converter bays
Two hot-swappable redundant PSU slots
Two power supplies with fansTwo fans on the right side of the chassis
2 LED's (1 LED each for PSU's power status)
W485 mm x D231 mm x H90 mm, Standard 19" size, 2U
8.5kg approx. (Fully fitted with fourteen media converters)
Power Input
110~240Vac, 50~60Hz or -48Vdc
Power Output
DC 5V, 20A
7A max.
Operating Temperature
0 C ~ 50°C (32 F ~ 122°F)
Storage Temperature
-2° C ~ 85°C (-° ~ 18° F)
Emissions Compliance
CE Class A, FCC part 15 Class A


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