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3M VF-45 Quick Install Kit
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3M VF-45 Quick Install Kit

3M Part No.: VOL-0563

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Get your hands on a VF-45 Quick Install Kit from 3M and you will have everything you need to quickly and easily install VF-45 Multimode and Single-mode Sockets onto duplex fiber optic cable.

The termination kit works in concert with the "snap together" design of the socket to eliminate most of the steps and labor associated with traditional fiber optic terminations. With the VF-45 quick install kit, you can terminate the VF-45 socket faster and easier, in less than two minutes.

Kit Contents:

  • VOL-0560A Cable Jacket Stripper 1x
  • VOL-0560B Snips 1x
  • VOL-0560C Buffer Tube Stripper 1x
  • VOL-0560D Dual Fiber Stripper, 250 µm coating 1x
  • VOL-0560F Polishing Puck Assembly 1x (includes Puck Polishing Face)
  • VOL-0560G Puck Polishing Face 1x
  • VOL-0562H Polishing Station Base Sub Assembly 1x
  • VOL-0562J Cleave Button with Scribe 1x
  • VOL-0562K Lapping Film, 2" x 5" 5 sheets
  • VOL-0560L Fiber View Scope w/Adapter Base 1x
  • VOL-0562L Penlight 1x
  • VOL-0560N Cotton Swabs 100x
  • VOL-0560P Lint Free Wipes 100x
  • VOL-0560R Bottle, Alcohol, empty 1x
  • VOL-0560W Cleaning Wires 0.004 dia. 1x
  • VOL-0562B Blades, replacement duplex strip 1x
  • VOL-0562C View Scope Adapter 1x
  • VOL-0562X View Scope 75X 1x
  • VOL-0562S Quick Install Tool Case 1x
  • VOL-0562V Quick Install Station Door 1x
  • VOL-0562W Fiber Stub Cap 1x
  • VOL-0562M Quick Install Tool Pouch 1x


500 terminations of the VF-45 Socket per consumables are included in the kit. Individual replacement of consumables and hand tools are available. 99% Reagent Grade Isopropyl Alcohol purchased separately.

Storage temperature: -40†­ to 60†­C (-40†­ to 140†­F)

The hand tools included in the kit are used to prepare Volition Optical Fiber Cable by stripping duplex fibers simultaneously for termination with VF-45 sockets. Simultaneous duplex termination saves labor and speeds installation, resulting in complete terminations in less than two minutes.

The Polishing Puck Assembly, Polishing Station Base and Lapping Film provide for fiber end-face preparation to the specified length and finish for termination with VF-45 sockets, with as little as five back-and-forth strokes per termination.

The Swabs and Wipes are used for cleaning, while the View Scope is used for inspection of the optical fibers following the termination process, ensuring a high yield of VF-45 terminations for high performance.

When planning large installations, calculate 500 terminations of the VF-45 socket per package of:
Lapping Film 5 Sheets
Cotton Swabs 100 Swabs
Lint Free Wipes 100 Sheets

The Puck Polishing Face will wear slightly over hundreds of terminations and is replaceable when needed.

The Scribe Blade Assembly will wear with use. Typical cleave button life is 2,500 terminations. The cleave button edge may wear prematurely due to harsh handling or stressful conditions. The Scribe Blade Assembly is available separately.

Download 3M VOL-0562 VF-45 Quick Install Kit Spec Sheet (PDF)



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