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OFS Is Making New Optical Fibers with 200um Coating (Instead of Traditional 250um Coating)



OFS just revealed its AllWave FLEX and AllWave FLEX+ Bend-Optimized Single Mode Fiber that has a 200um coating instead of the more standard 250um on almost all single mode fibers (such as Corning’s SMF-28e+ fiber).

This coating enables a narrower fiber than those using traditional 250um coatings. The applications for this 200um coated fiber are fiber optic cables with higher fiber counts and microcables. OFS’s new MiDia 2FX microcables use this type of fiber.

:: AllWave FLEX Fiber

The AllWave FLEX version of the 200um fiber is an ITU-T G.657.A1 fiber. The benefits are space saving, resistance to macrobend and microbend losses. They can be used in FTTH, enterprise networks, and wherever requiring small bend diameters.

:: AllWave FLEX+ Fiber

On the other hand. the AllWave FLEX+ 200um version fiber will be used in in-building and connectivity applications. It has full compatibility and compliance with the current installed conventional ITU-T G.625 single mode fibers (Corning’s SMF-28e+ fiber).

The AllWave FLEX+ fiber can also be used within fiber cables for access networks, including high-density FTTH applications, and cell sites, enterprise networks, and similar applications. AllWave FLEX+ fiber exceeds both ITU-T G.657-A2 and G.652.D recommendations and International Standard IEC 60793-2-50 specifications.

:: Applications

The 200um coated fibers occupy 46% less space than conventional 250um coated fibers, so they have significant benefits for fiber installations where conduit or duct space is at a premium.

For example, the MiDia 2FX microcables can potentially reduce fiber optic network build costs by increasing installation distance, reducing the number of installations, and maximizing the use of congested and limited availability ducts.

:: Where to Get the Fiber

You can get MiDia 2FX cable from Fiber Optics For Sale Co.

:: OFS AllWave FLEX Fiber 200 Micron Specifications (PDF)

Download OFS AllWave FLEX 200 Micron Fiber Specification (PDF)

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