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Fiber Optic Color Codes by Fiber Type

Jacketed optical fibers are color coded according to fiber type. Color coding enables technicians to quickly determine whether a particular cable is multimode (e.g. orange or aqua) or single mode (e.g. yellow or blue).

The jacket imprint provides additional information, such as fiber size, fire code rating, and so forth. Be aware that the colors of some jacketed fiber varies from this standard.

Also note that bare fibers within buffer tubes are color coded differently than jacketed fiber. The chart below pertains only to jacketed fiber.

Fiber Optic Color Codes by Fiber Type
Non-Millitary Applications Millitary Applications Suggested Jacket Imprint
Multimode (50/125)
Orange Orange 50/125
Multimode (50/125)
(850 nm Laser-optimized)
Aqua Undefined 850 LO 50 /125
Multimode (62.5/125)
Orange Slate 62.5/125
Multimode (100/140) Orange Green 100/140
Singlemode (TIA-492C000 / TIA-492E000) Yellow Yellow SM/NZDS, SM
Polarization Maintaining Singlemode Blue N/A N/A

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