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What are Fiber Fan Out Kit and Breakout Kit?

This article describes the purpose of fiber fan out kit and breakout kit and how they are used in fiber cable installations. You can get fiber fan out kit products here and get fiber breakout kit here. Or click on the following pictures.

buffer-tube-fan-out-kit fiber-breakout-kit

Fiber Optic Fan Out Kit

Fiber Optic Breakout Kit

Where are Fan out Kit and Breakout Kit used?

Fiber fan out kit is used to terminate large fiber counts fiber cables. Some fiber cables, such as simplex and duplex fiber cables, and breakout fiber cables, already have 3mm jacket to accept fiber connectors and can be terminated directly and easily.

However, for other large fiber counts cables, such as loose tube buffered fiber cables, the fibers are usually only 250um bare fibers. These fibers are bare with little support, and can be broken or damaged easily. Fiber fan out kit or breakout kit include fiber buffer tubes that can be slipped onto the individual fibers to provide them with protection and support. This is also makes the fiber prepared for connectors and handling.

The fan out kit or breakout kit is designed to adapt groups of coated fibers for connectors by separating them and adding a tight buffer to each one. The buffer protects the fiber and gives it a thickness of 900um so that a standard connector can be attached.

Whenever possible, fiber splice tray and an enclosure should be used for loose tube termination, especially for heavy outdoor cables.

Fiber Fan Out Kit



Fiber fan out kit, as shown above, converts loose tube buffered fibers into tight buffered fibers ready for connectors.

A typical fan out kit has an enclosure called a furcation unit. The furcation unit attaches to the jacket of the loose tube cable while the unbuffered fibers pass through the unit and out the other end.

Hollow 900um furcation tubes (tight buffer tubes) are applied to the fibers and passed into the furcation unit. The furcation unit is then closed and locks the tight buffers in place on the fibers.

After the fibers are furcated with 900um tight buffer tubes,  fiber connectors are attached for use in a patch panel or other protected enclosure.

Fiber Optic Breakout Kit


The function of fiber breakout kit is similar to the fan-out kit in that it spreads the fibers from the loose tube buffer through a furcation kit and provides 900um tight buffers to be applied to the fibers.

But in addition to that, breakout kit also includes 3mm diameter jacket with an aramid yarn strength members that slip over the 900um tight buffer and is also locked in the furcation unit. Look at the picture above and you will see what I mean.

For fiber breakout kit, heat-shrink tubing is then applied to provide strain relief and limit fiber bending.

Fiber fan-out kit and breakout kit are also available for ribbon fiber cables as seen below.


Different fiber counts of fiber breakout kits and fan out kits are available to match the number of fibers in the loose tube cable or ribbon fiber cable. There are also different length 900um buffer tubes and jackets such as 25” and 36” to match the length of fibers that need to spread out from the cable.

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