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What is advantage of Corning UniCam connectors compared to field-polished connectors

Corning UniCam connectors have three advantages over field-polished solution.

  1. Lower installed cost. This factors in purchase price of the connectors and consumables, the installation time, expected first time successful termination percentage, and the labor rate.
  2. Reliability. This is evident in the increased yield from the Continuity Test Set and the knowledge that each UniCam Connector is factory tested for insertion loss and the factory-controlled and measured polishing process.
  3. Ease of installation. The installer does not have to worry with epoxies or using the right polishing films, or electrical power. UniCam Connectors can be installed as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp.

UniCam Connectors offer equivalent insertion loss performance, but due to the factory-controlled polishing process, UniCam Connectors usually outperform hand-polished connectors.

UniCam Connectors meet or exceed the mechanical and optical performance specified by EIA/TIA 568.B.

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