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Single Mode Mechanical Splice – Corning CamSplice

Corning CamSplice single mode mechanical splice features a patented “cam” fiber locking mechanism and requires no adhesive. The “cam” fiber alignment method self-centers the fibers and provides high precision alignment.

The average loss for the CamSplice mechanical splice is about 0.15dB with a maximum loss at 0.3dB. One single part works for 250um/250um, 250um/900um and 900um/900um mechanical splice applications.

Assembly process for the CamSplice single mode mechanical splice

  1. Strip the fibers
  2. Cleave the fibers
  3. Insert the fibers in the splice until they touch
  4. Turn the cams to lock the fibers

The CamSplice single mode mechanical splice requires no adhesive and special tools. (But an optional assembly fixture is recommended which is included in a compact tool kit)

The completed CamSplice fits in industry-standard splice trays as well as the Corning splice trays.

Features of the Corning CamSplice single mode mechanical splice

  • No adhesive or epoxy needed
  • Rematable, tunable
  • Self-centering fiber alignment mechanism
  • No stress on fiber in alignment area
  • Optional assembly fixture recommended but not required
  • One part fits all fiber coatings

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