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Fiber Optic Cable Characteristics of Interbuilding Cables (Backbone Fiber Optic Cables)

The interbuilding backbone fiber optic cabling is the part of a fiber optic network that provides the designer with the most flexible options. However it is also the most constrained by duct availability, right-of-way and other physical barriers.

The interbuilding backbone fiber cables must provide some basic characteristics provided its critical application environment. The following list is not exhaustive at all but a minimum requirement.

  1. Offers excellent attenuation performance over a wide range of temperatures
  2. Sufficiently strong to endure the rigors of installation
  3. Its sheath should provide protection against ultraviolet radiation
  4. Its sheath should provide protection against gnawing rodents and other mechanical disturbances
  5. The cable should have a high packing density to maximize the use of available installation spaces

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