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3M Introduces No-Polish Quick Termination Field Installable Fiber Optic Connector

3M Introduces No-Polish Quick Termination Field Installable Fiber Optic Connector

3M added a new, no-polish fiber optic connector to its fiber connector family. The device enables fast, on-site installation of singlemode and multimode connections.

The 3M no-polish connector utilizes a one-piece, pre-assembled design, eliminating field polishing and loose parts. Systems integrators and installers for communication companies and private networks will find this connector an easy way to make field terminations that improve cable management inside buildings or in the outside plant.

Fiber installers have historically installed connectors using field-polishing. With the factory-polished ferrule assembly and a mechanical splice, the 3M no-polish connector can be installed quickly–without electrical power–using a simple tool, resulting in little setup time and capital investment.

A bell-shaped boot is permanently attached to the connector body so there is no chance of losing it or forgetting to install it before inserting the fiber. The bell feature maintains the minimum fiber bend radius for excellent strain relief.

The easy-to-use assembly tool allows the installer to align a prepared fiber in the connector and activate the splice and buffer clamp using the same tool. Finger grips on the tool make it easy to handle even without a flat work surface. A connector installation can be completed in less than two minutes.

Field installation of connectors makes it possible to have just the right cable length with no cable slack to store, which means reduced cable and storage costs.

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