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How to cleave optical fiber with Fitel's S326A high precision fiber cleaver?


We have the Fitel S326A high precision fiber cleaver in stock. Order it here!


This is the Fitel S326A high precision fiber cleaver.

Let’s open the box. Here is the cleaver, here is the instruction for maintenance, and here is a screw driver for setting and rotating the cleaver blade.

There are two extra fiber scrap collector bins.

S326A is a one-step fiber cleaver. Let’s take a look at the dry action. Just one push, the blade cuts through the fiber.

So let’s show the process.

There are two slots at the fiber holder, one is 900 micron, the other is 250 micron. Let’s put it at the 900 micron slot.

Here you can choose the fiber cleaving length, from 5, 10, 15, 20mm.

Press down the fiber holder first, then push down the lid. Just one action, pop, and now the fiber is cleaved, and the fiber scrap is rolled into the fiber scrap collector.

It is that simple.

This is a very affordable, very high quality fiber cleaver from Fitel. Made in Japan.

We have this cleaver in stock at Fiber Optics For Sale. Order it now by visiting the link below.


We have the Fitel S326A high precision fiber cleaver in stock. Order it here!

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