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How to do a mechanical optical fiber splice with Corelink fiber splice?

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This is TE Connectivity’s Corelink mechanical fiber splice for single mode and multimode fibers.

It is a plastic device with v-grooves to align the fibers and a clamping mechanism to lock the fibers in place.

Let’s show you how to use it. We are going to splice a 250 micron fiber. First let’s strip the fiber.

Here is the key to open and lock the mechanical splice channel. Two keys come with orders of 12 or more of the Corelink mechanical splices. If you order less, you would have to order the key separately.

Now let’s cleave the fiber. First clean it with a lint free wipe and isopropyl alcohol. The cleave length is 8 to 9 mm.

We put the fiber in the 250 micron groove of the fiber cleaver. One click and the fiber is cleaved.

Now we need to open the channel of the splice. This is done by inserting the key into the key slot, and rotate it 90 degree downwards.

Now we can insert the cleaved fiber into the alignment channel. Push the fiber until it stops, keep the pressure and lock the fiber in place by rotating the key 90 degree upwards.

Remove the key, and now the fiber is firmly locked in place.

Now let’s do the other side. First use the key to unlock the channel.

We strip and cleave the fiber. Remember that the cleave length is 8 to 9 mm.

We can now insert the second fiber into the alignment channel, until it stops. Keep the pressure, lock the fiber by rotating the key upwards 90 degree.

Now both fibers are locked in place firmly. This is the finished mechanical fiber splice. It works for both single mode and multimode fibers.

The Corelink mechanical device works for for both 250 micron bare fibers and 900 micron tight buffered fibers.

Please refer to its instruction sheet for more detailed info.


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