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How to dry clean LC/MU connectors/bulkheads using Seiko Giken's SFM-125 Ferrule Mate cleaner? (video)


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In this video, we are introducing one dry cleaning solution for LC and MU connectors. It is called the Seiko Geiken Ferrule Mate SFM-125.

It has a connector adapter cap to clean LC, MU connectors directly. It can also clean LC connectors inside an adapter or bulk head by removing the protection cap. I will show you how to use in both ways in a minute.

It does not only clean regular LC/PC connectors, but it can also clean LC/APC connectors which has a 8° angle.

In order to clean the LC connector directly, we just remove the front lid, insert the LC connector into the cap until it stops, keep the pressure, then press the click button once, and that cleans the connector.

That was the procedure for cleaning a LC connector directly outside of any enclosure or patch panel.

So to clean connectors inside an patch panel or bulk head, we need to remove the protection cap, and insert the cleaner into the bulk head until it stops, keep the pressure, then press the click button once to clean. This makes this cleaner especially useful for cleaning your transceiver ports.

This dry cleaner has an indicator window that shows how much wipes are left over.

Not only can we clean regular LC/PC connectors, we can also clean LC/APC angle polished connectors. But we need to pay attention to the alignment of the positions. We need to align the LC/APC connector's keys with the APC KEY position label on the dry cleaner.

This works the same way if you need to clean LC/APC connector directly outside of a bulk head adapter.

This dry cleaner offers over 350 times of cleaning. It includes all the detailed instructions, especially on how to use it on LC/APC connectors.


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