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How to install and remove SC/LC/MU/MTRJ connectors on a densely packed rack?


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Order Skinny Finger Fiber Connector Installation/Removal Tool from Fosco


This is the Skinny Finger fiber connector insertion and removal tool. It works with SC, LC, MU, MTRJ connectors.

It has a square grabbing teeth and works with virtually all square and rectangular connectors.

It has a high leverage handle and works in a very dense areas such as on a busy rack.

I am going to demo how to remove and insert LC connectors.

It works the same for SC, MU, MTRJ connectors. Here is the process for SC connectors

We have tested it for 1000 times insertion and removal and every time it worked perfectly.

It is a great tool for your cabling work.

We have this tool in stock at Order it by following the link below.

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