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How to pull fiber optic cable in a tight and dark place using Greenlee's CableCaster pulling tool?


We have the Greenlee's CableCaster in stock.

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This is the Greenlee CableCaster dart shooter pulling tool. It is designed to work in a tight space like above the ceiling.

It is basically a dart shooter with a string attached. Then you can use the string to pull back a cable pulling rope from the remote site.

It has a flashlight holder. The flashlight is not included. You can install your own flashlight here, and then you can see clearly in a tight and dark space such as above the ceiling, then aim and shoot with ease.

Three glow-in-the-dark darts are included. Here you can hold one dart.

There is a switch marked as "bait" and "alert". When set at the "bait" position, you can both pull in and release the string. When set to the "alert" position, you cannot release the string, it is designed to pull back the string only. So usually just keep it set at the "bait" position.

You attach the string to the small hole here, don't attach the string to this big eye, it is designed to attach the pull rope once the dart reaches the remote site.

Here is the trigger lock switch. You can put it in the vertical lock position to prevent the trigger from being pulled. When you are ready to shoot, put the lock to the horizontal shooting position.

Before you shoot, you should press the string release button once, it will release the string such that no dragging force is applied to string which allows the dart to fly as far as possible.

Here is the button to adjust the dragging force. It is factory adjusted, usually you don't need to adjust it.

So now I am going to shoot the dart to the remote site. Once the dart reaches the remote site, you attach a cable pulling rope to the big eye of the dart. Then you pull the dart back along with the pulling rope.

Once you get the pulling rope, you can then attach your fiber cable, and then let the remote site person to pull the fiber cable back to his location.


We have the Greenlee's CableCaster in stock.

Order it here or by clicking the picture below!

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