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How to strip or mid-access fiber optic buffer tubes?


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This is Ideal Industry’s 45-163 multi-fiber buffer tube stripper. It can strip buffer tubes from 3.2 to 6.4mm in diameter.

It comes with two notches, one notch is for the ring cut, it works like this.

The other notch is for the longitudinal cut, along the buffer tube length, it works like this.

The first step is to adjust the blade's cutting depth. We put the buffer tube within the second notch, up again the buffer tube, such that we can see where the blade's depth should be set up to.

Now let's loosen the screw, and then move the blade to the correct depth where it cuts through the buffer tube but does not damages the fibers inside.

Then we can put the stripper where we need to cut the buffer tube, press the blade so that it cuts into the material, then do the ring cut once, now the buffer tube is successfully removed. All fibers inside are intact.

Now let's do the longitudinal cut, for cutting a mid-access window within a length of buffer tubed fiber cable.

First let's loosen the screw for the longitudinal cut blade, adjusts it to the same depth as the ring cut blade, then tighten it up.

Put the cable where the longitudinal cut starts, press the blade down so that the blade cuts into the material, then pull it along the buffer tube until where it needs to stop.

Then put the buffer tube into the ring cut notch, do the first ring cut, and then the second ring cut. Now we can remove this section of the buffer tube, and have a mid-access window on the cable.

Now let's remove the kevlar fiber strength member, and we have fully access to the fibers inside.

There is one extra round edged blade for the longitudinal cut, it makes it easier to pull the stripper along the buffer tube.

We have this buffer tube stripper in stock at Order it now at the link below.

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We have this product in stock.

Order it here or by clicking on the picture below.

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