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How to terminate Commscope LightCrimp Plus fiber connectors (video)?

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Here is the detailed instruction for terminating a Commscope LightCrimp Plus quick termination fiber optic connector.

Slide the strain relief boot onto cable, remove the dust caps from the connector, and insert the connector into the cable holder until you hear a click. Be aware not to lose the front cap.

Put two marks on the buffer.

Remove the primary and secondary coating from the first mark onwards.

Remove only short parts of approximately 5 to 10 mm.

Clean the fiber with the wipe and pure alcohol, beware not to remove the second mark.

Insert the cleaned fiber in the cleaver, place the buffer at the mark 8mm.

Slide the fiber holder to the right until it stops and gently close the handles, slide the block towards yourself to scratch and cleave the fiber.

Open the handles and remove the broken fiber away.

Push down the fiber and remove the fiber.

Insert the cable into the wire holder, the end of the fiber shall reach the connector’s end face.

Slightly insert the fiber into the connector just until the second mark slides into the connector.

Ensure a physical contact of both fibers.

Close the handle two clicks. Insert the connector into the tooth of the die set. Close the tool using both hands.

Crimp the back side of the connector to fix the strain relief. Squeeze the cable clamp to release the cable and slide the strain relief boot onto the connector.

Place front dust cap back onto the connector and remove it from the holder.

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