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How to use a hand held fiber connector inspection microscope? (video)


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We are introducing one mini hand held optical fiber connector inspection microscope. 

This microscope has two adapters.

  • 1.25mm diameter ferrule adapter for LC and MU connectors
  • 2.5mm diameter ferrule adapter for SC, ST, and FC connectors

This microscope provides 200x magnification. It has a replaceable adapter at the front, one eye view piece at the back, one wheel for fine tuning the focus, and one LED on/off button which is also used to switch between coaxial illumination mode and oblique illumination mode.

When we turn it on, we can see the bright light illuminating the fiber connector end face.

This model is a mini model and weighs only 0.5 pound.

We can insert the LC connector into the adapter, turn on the light, and inspect the quality by viewing through the eye view piece.

In this process, you need to fine turn the focus wheel to bring the connector end face into clear focus, you can master this focusing process by doing more practices.

Now let's try to switch between the direct spot-on coaxial illumination mode and the oblique illumination mode.

The direct spot-on coaxial illumination mode provides a very bright view, however, it could hide some debris and other defects on the surface.

Now let's turn off the LED. Then turn it on and keep holding it for more than 3 seconds, now the LED is in the oblique illumination mode. It provides a low brightness view, but it can show more detailed defects on the connector end face.

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