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How to use an visual fault locator to detect problem in your fiber cable? (video)


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We are introducing one pen-shaped visual fault locator, the model number is VFL-250.

An instruction manual is included showing how to assemble and use this visual fault locator.

This is a pen-shaped device, two batteries are included. We need to screw off the top cap to open the battery compartment, and insert the batteries with the positive side facing the top.

At the bottom, there is a cap protecting the fiber connector adapter.

The button at the top of the device (with a red ring around it) is the on-off switch.

Once we turn it on, we can use the mode-switch button (at the middle of the device) to switch between two modes: the steady-continuous light mode, and the flashing light mode.

The fiber adapter can accept all 2.5mm ferrule fiber connectors, such as SC, ST, and FC.

We now insert the SC connector into the adapter, we get the light coming from the other side.

There is no light leakage, we can double check it by turning off the light. This means there is no defect in the fiber run.

We can purposely introduce some tight bending by squeezing the fiber cable. Some light are leaking out from the fiber jacket, and we can easily spot where the fault point it.

This means we can use this visaul fault locator to spot fiber breakage, tight bending, connector mismatch, and many other connectivity problems in your fiber cable run.

This particular fault locator, VFL-250, is a very-well built, very affordable device. It has a high power red laser, which can detect fiber cable defect up to 20km.

We have this model in stock. You can order it here:

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