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How to use Bob Laser's pen shaped 650nm red laser visual fault locator?


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This is Boblaser’s pen shape visual fault locator.

It needs two triple-A batteries, install them in the compartment.

There are a dust cap in the front. Press down the top button to turn on the unit, then push the white button to switch between three modes: steady continuous mode, fast flashing mode, and slow flashing mode.

It has a 2.5mm universal adapter that works with SC, ST, and FC connectors. Let’s try on the ST connector first.

Let’s turn off the light and check the quality of the fiber.

We found a leakage in the fiber which is easy to spot.

It is a high powered, far range visual fault locator.

It also works with SC connectors.

It also fits FC connectors.

It also works with SC/APC connectors.

This is an universal, high quality red laser visual fault locator.

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