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How to use the clip-on variable fiber optic attenuator?


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This is the clip on variable attenuator, part number F1-0045. It comes as a plastic cylinder two components body, and two plastic screws.

It clips onto 3mm single mode fiber cable, and takes advantage of macro-bending to induce extra attenuation.

We have a light source and power meter to show you how it works.

We insert the cable jacket into one half, and then slide on the 2nd half. Now install these two screws using a screwdriver.

The original power is -5.4 dbm. But we can attenuate it to -8.54 dbm by tightening up the screws.

We can then release the screws to reduce the attenuation until it’s completely gone.

This attenuator is good for hundreds of uses, and leaves no lasting effects on the fiber cable.

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