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Corning CJP-02U jumper Management Panel

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: CJP-02U

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The jumper management panel is an accessory that facilitates jumper routing in an equipment rack with patch panels and electronics. The jumper management panel is attached to the utility rack directly above or below the equipment. The CJP-02U occupies two rack spaces.


Mount the jumper management panel directly above the Closet Connector Housing (CCH) on the equipment rack. Use the 23-inch rack adapter brackets if mounting to a 23-inch equipment rack. If mounting to a 24-inch equipment rack, adapter brackets must be purchased separately (P/N: CDF-02U-24-BKT).


Partially flush mounting the CJP will still allow jumpers to route in front of the frame mounting flanges. To partially flush mount the CJP, remove the mounting brackets and re-attach them with the mounting flange flipped from its original orientation.


One CJP-02U main body, two 19 inch mounting brackets, one cover, two latches, eight 10-32 rack mounting screws, four 12-24 rack mounting screw, two 23 inch rack adapter brackets, two flush mounting brackets.


17(W) x 4.81(D) x 3.5(H) inch

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