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Basic Tool Kit with PVFL(F1-9000) and Greenlee Tools

Mooseline Part No.: F1-0053P-G

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PVC Electrical Tape (F1-0008)
2 oz. Cleaning Solvent (F1-6706)
Trihole Fiber Stripper (F1-1301T)
FIS Connector Cleaner (F1-7020-C)
Kevlar Scissors (F1-KS1)
Jacket Stripper (F1-0016)
Buffer Tube Stripper (F1-0017)
Round Cable Slitter (MK02)
6" Side Cutting Pliers (THT-2140C)
(50) Foam Swabs (F1-0005)
Cleaning Tissue (F1-6705)
Utility Knife (F1-0023BLK)
Tweezers (F1-0019)
Needle Nose Pliers (THT-1840C)
Piano Wire (F1-8265K)
Fiber Optic Wipes (F1-6705)
4 Bit Screwdriver (F1-0027)
Black Marker (F1-9104)
Safety Glasses (F1-513390)
(5) Degreaser Wipes (F1-1010)
(5) Fusion Splice Sleeves 60mm (F1-1002C)
Black Work Mat (F1-0024)
Fiber Disposal Unit (F1-8328C)
Ruler (RMC-6)
Fabric Tape Measure (F1-8273)
1/2" Nut Driver (1UG30)
(3) Economy Tie Labels (P50LABELKIT)
Rugged Carry Case (F10053HARD)
Shrink Tube Kit (P50TUBEKIT)
1Mtr 3mm Furcation (F00FR3RO)
1Mtr 900‰_m Furcation (F00FR900HW)

Supplied Greenlee Tools:
Jacket Stripper 26-16AWG (1917) - Replaces (F1-0016)
6" Side Cut Pliers (0251-06M) - Replaces (THT-2140C)
6" Needle Node Pliers (0351-06D) - Replaces (THT-18404C)
Utility Knife (0652-11) - Replaces (F1-0023BLk)
6 in 1 Screwdriver (0153-42C) - Replaces (F1-0027)
24' /7.5 Meter Tape Measure (0155-7MA) - Replaces (F1-8273)
†_" Nut Driver (0253-17C) - Replaces (1UG30)
7/16" Nut Driver (0253-16C) - Addition

F1-9000 Visual Fault Locator - Pen Shape Laser Pocket Locator with 2.5mm Universal Ferrule Adapt





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