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Corning Infinicor 300 OM1 - 62.5/125/250µm Multimode Optical Fiber

Corning Part No.: INFINICOR300

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Corning Infinicor 300 is Corning's laser optimized 62.5/125µm multimode fiber for high speed, VCSEL laser-based local area networks (LAN) and local access networks. It guarantees the bandwidth of 1Gb/s over 300m at 850nm and 1Gb/s over 550m at 1300nm.

In today's enterprise networks, bandwidth demands are growing - rapidly. That's because end-user productivity is increasingly dependent on instant accessibility and high throughput of information. Narrow bandwidth constricts your capacity to succeed. Corning's 62.5 µm InfiniCor fibers, the world's first laser-optimized 62.5 µm multimode fibers, help you to stay ahead of escalating network demands with:

  • Greater distance capability at data rates up to 1 Gb/s in both the 850nm and 1300 nm windows
  • Higher data aggregation in the backbone, riser and horizontal, compared with non-laser-optimized fibers
  • Full compatibility with the broad range of laser-based and legacy protocols and applications
  • Superior measurement technology and manufacturing control
  • Industry-leading CPC coating for superior microbend and environmental performance
Corning Infinicor 300 Optical Fiber
Optimized Date Rate over Distance

1 Gb/s over 300m at 850nm
1 Gb/s over 550m at 1300nm

Standards Compliance
ISO/IEC 11801
IEC 60793-2-10

Type OM1 fiber
Type A1b fiber

Thoroughly Measured for Performance You Can Count On

Corning Fiber is a world leader in developing and using the most advanced measurement techniques for laser optimized multimode fibers. In fact, InfiniCor fibers are more thoroughly measured than any other multimode fiber on the market. Corning uses direct manufacturing process controls and final product measurements for all InfiniCor fibers to ensure performance in laser-based systems.
Corning Fiber provides restricted mode launch (RML) bandwidth measurements for InfiniCor 300 62.5 µm optical fibers. The RML bandwidth metric is a standards-defined method that predicts intermediate-bandwidth, laser-based system performance. Corning was the first optical fiber manufacturer to offer RML measurements for its laser-optimized multimode fibers.

Optical Specifications:

Intermediate Performance EMB* (MHz*km)
Legacy Performance EMB** (MHz*km)
850nm only
Infinicor 300 Fiber

*RML BW, per TIA/EIA 455-204 and IEC 60793-1-41, for intermediate performance laser-based systems (typically up to 1 Gb/s).
**OFL BW, per TIA/EIA 455-204 and IEC 60793-1-41, for legacy and LED-based systems (typically up to 100 Mb/s).

Maximum Value (dB/km)
<= 2.9
<= 0.6
No point discontinuity greater than 0.2 dB.
Attenuation at 1380 nm does not exceed the attenuation at 1300 nm by more than 1.0 dB/km.
Induced attenuation from 100 turns around a 75 mm mandrel shall be 0.5 dB at 850 nm and 1300 nm.

Nµmerical Aperture
0.275 +/- 0.015

Dimensional Specifications:

Glass Geometry
Core Diameter
62.5 +/- 2.5µm
Cladding Diameter
125.0 +/- 2.0µm
Core-Clad Concentricity
<= 1.5µm
Cladding Non-Circularity
<= 1.0%
Core Non-Circularity
<= 5%

Coating Geometry
Coating Diameter
245 +/- 5µm
Coating-Cladding Concentricity
< 12µm

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