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1000Base-ZHX, single-mode long-haul, 120Km, 1550nm SFP module

CTC Union Part No.: SFS-7120-Z55

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Product description
The capacity ofSFS-7120-Z55module is1.25Gbps(Gigabit rate). The transceiver is able to work on long-haul9/125um single-modefiber for up to120Kmdistance. The fiber standard for SFS-7120-Z55 is1000Base-ZHX. SFP module supports DD (Digital Diagnostic) functions.
All the managedFIB1-1000ESandFIB1-1000TSas well as unmanagedFMC-1000ESandFIB1-1000DSseries of standalone Gigabit media converters can be equipped with miniGBIC/SFP optical modules.
SFP's or miniGBIC modules are extremely versatile, working with any active equipment that support the SFP type of interface: Ethernet switches, routers and any other networking equipment. Our SFPs have been tested and found 100% compatible with various Ethernet switches from major manufacturers like: Cisco, Nortel, Extreme, ZyXEL, D-Link or Netgear.

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