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Mohawk 62.5/125µm OM1 Multimode Central Loose Tube OSP Cable - 6 Fibers

Mohawk Part No.: M9B152

  • $ 7.25 or
  • per meter

New Part number: FS1C006N0

Mohawk's Central Loose Tube Outdoor fiber optic cable is a central tube style cable with one thermoplastic PBT buffer tube. The buffer tube encases individually colored 250µm fibers surrounded by gel for moisture resistance.

The central buffer tube is helically surrounded by water-swellable fiberglass yarns for tensile strength and protected with an overall water, fungus and UV resistant black low density polyethylene jacket.

It is also available in corrugated steel armor with an outer polyethylene black jacket. Mohawk's outside plant central tube cables are offered in all grades of multimode and single-mode up to 12 fibers.

Product Features:

  • Economical option for low fiber counts
  • Quick and easy end preparation
  • Fully waterblocked
  • No rods - easy handling


  • Campus osp backbones
  • Drop cable
  • Telecommunications and data trunk

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