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SNMP management module for the FRM401-chassis

CTC Union Part No.: FRM401-SNMP

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Product description
FRM401-SNMP card can be loaded by front of the FRM401 chassis, making the upgarde to management chassis an easy step even after the first installation of rack. The SNMP card kit provides full remote management of the chassis. The FRM401-SNMP comes also with a free Windows based GUI application for remote management.
If FRM401-10/100 Fast Ethernet quad port card media converters are installed in the chassis and FIB1 Fast Ethernet series used also on remote side, the SNMP solution will provide full control of fiber optic conversion equipments on both central side (CO) and remote side (CPE). SNMP management monitors also the full feature functions of the FIB1 series media converters.

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