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SML40-CH04 chassis for SML-40 series CWDM mux/demux cards, rack 19", 1RU

Mooseline Part No.: SML40-CH04

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Note: Only the chassis is sold under this part number.

Product description
The new SML40-CH04 chassis occupies only 1U space in a 19" rack and holds up to 4 different/independent CWDM mux/demux cards from the SML-40 series. Each mux/demux card can be used as standalone or can be installed in one of the SML40-CH04 chassis 4 slots.

The SML40-CH04 is a rack 19" solution for higher density of CWDM or DWDM filters in a telecom rack. CWDM or DWDM filters can be customized upon customer needs.


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