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Corning SMF-28e+  9/125/250µm OS2 Single Mode Fiber with NexCor Technology (G.652)
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Corning SMF-28e+ 9/125/250µm OS2 Single Mode Fiber with NexCor Technology (G.652)

Corning Part No.: SMF-28e+

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Corning SMF-28e+ optical fiber is an evolutionary product that builds on over 15 years of proven performance from SMF-28 optical fiber. It addresses the transmission potential of full spectrum, optical transmission by eliminating high attenuation in and around the water-peak region (1360 nm - 1460 nm).

SMF-28e fiber is compliant with the new International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards for low water-peak fibers, ITU G.652.C, as well as Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronic Industries Alliance (TIA/EIA) standards.

The fiber provides network planners with versatility and flexibility to grow their cost-sensitive systems as the demand from their customers grow. SMF-28e fiber has unsurpassed specifications to enable optical transmission throughout the entire single-mode operating window and is optimized for 16+ channel coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) networks.

This premium attenuation fiber is suitable for transmission applications in the access and metropolitan/access application spaces. SMF-28e fiber is suitable for various applications with link lengths less than 80 km and data rates around 2.5 Gbps.

While providing compatibility with carriers' legacy systems, SMF-28e fiber is optimized for various CWDM applications and provides flexibility and versatility in network design, as it enables the use of the full transmission window.

This means network designers will be able to implement network strategies that use current technologies and at the same time serve as an upgrade path for future network needs. The synergies created by the combination of SMF-28e fiber and CWDM will enable carriers greater transmission capacity and lower system cost.

As the first manufacturer to upgrade standard single-mode fiber worldwide, Cornign is providing customers with greater value today and in the future. Corning SMF-28e+ fiber is:

  • Corning's standard single-mode fiber offering, delivering optimized capability, network design flexibility and confidence in long-term performance
  • The world's most widely demanded full-spectrum fiber
  • In compliance with or exceeding the industry's most stringent requirements, including:
    • ITU-T G.652 (Categories A, B, C & D)
    • IEC Specifications 60793-2-50 Type B1.3
    • TIA/EIA 492-CAAB
    • Telcordia's GR-20
  • The industry leader in comprehensive standard single-mode fiber specifications

As Corning's premier standard single-mode fiber, SMF-28e+ fiber is one in a long line of optical innovations. Corning SMF-28e+, an ITU-T G.652.D-compliant optical fiber, is expanding the capability of the world's most dynamic metropolitan and access networks.

SMF-28e+ fiber conforms to the major optical fiber industry standards including ITU-T G.652 (Categories A, B, C & D), IEC 60793-2-50 (type B1.1 & B1.3) and TIA/EIA-492CAAB fiber.

Recommended Standard Single-Mode Fiber Selection Criteria

Decision Variable
Fiber Recommendation
Craft-friendly handle-ability for easy and efficient installation Consider quality of protective coating and leading attenuation with bending performance
Consistent, repeatable splicing in field conditions Demand excellent glass and coating geometry and mode field diameter tolerances
Compatibility with installed base of standard single-mode fiber AND flexibility to deploy current generation technology Specify ITU-T G.652.D or IEC 60793-2-50 B1.3-compliant fiber
Reliable long-term performance, even in harsh deployment conditions Ensure fiber is specified for maximum change in attenuation under six different environmental conditions
Technical assistance & application engineering support before, during & after the deployment Select fiber produced by a stable company with long-term commitment to fiber industry

Optical Specifications

Maximum Attenuation
Wavelength (nm)
Maximum Value* (dB/km)
1383 **

* Maximum specified attenuation value available within the stated ranges.
** Attenuation values at this wavelength represent post-hydrogen aging performance.

Attenuation vs. Wavelength
Range (nm)
Ref. Wavelength (nm)
Max. Difference (dB/km)
1285 - 1330
1525 - 1575

Macrobend Loss
Mandrel Diameter (mm)
Number of Turns
Induced Attenuation * (dB)
<= 0.05
<= 0.05
<= 0.05
<= 0.05

* The induced attenuation due to fiber wrapped around a mandrel of a specified diameter.

Point Discontinuity
Wavelength (nm)
Point Discontinuity (dB)
<= 0.05
<= 0.05

Cable Cutoff Wavelength (ccf)
ccf <= 1260 nm

Mode-Field Diameter
Wavelength (nm)
MFD (æm)
9.2 +/- 0.4
10.4 +/- 0.5

Wavelength (nm)
Dispersion Value [ps/(nm*km)]
<= 18.0
<= 22.0

* Complies with IEC 60794-3: 2001, Section 5.5, Method 1, (m = 20, Q = 0.01%), September 2001.



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