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3M Universal Crimp Tool for Epoxy Connectors, Hotmelts & Crimplocks

3M Part No.: 6365CT

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3M Universal Crimp Tool for Epoxy Connectors, Hotmelts & Crimplocks.

3M 6365CT Crimp Tool for 3M Hot Melt, Crimplok and Epoxy Connectors.

This crimp tool contains 4 dies.

  • 0.190" die
  • 0.137" die
  • 0.120" die
  • 0.151" hex die

Product Specification Sheet

  • 3M provides connectors with zirconia ceramic ferrules for use with two-part or anaerobic epoxy. These very high quality connectors are ideal for use in factory assembly applications or in field-mount restorations where a broad temperature range and stringent performance standards are required. The following 3M materials are available to use with common termination tools available on the market. 3M highly recommends 3M™ Epoxy 8692 which is cured at 87°C or higher for 20 minutes minimum to meet Telcordia GR-326 requirements. It is also important to use the proper syringe dispensing tip to assure proper placement of adhesives inside the connector ferrule and avoid overflow. 3M™ Epoxy SC/APC and FC/APC Connectors require the angle polishing puck included in the APC conversion kits.
    • 3M™ Universal Crimp Tool is designed for 3M™ Hot Melt, 3M™ Crimplok™ and 3M™ Epoxy Connectors containing 4 dies. It is a part of some termination kits.

    • 0.19-in, 0.137-in and 0.12-in die connectors and 0.151-in hex die connector
    • 1/pack
    • Compatible with 6955 and hot melt termination kits 6366 and 6362


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