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Miller RCS-158 Round Cable Slitter - for 19mm to 40mm diameter

Miller Part No.: F1-158

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Miller RCS-158 Round Cable Stripper - for 19mm to 40mm diameter cables

  • Tool designed for fast, safe, and precise jacket removal of grounding cable and multi-conductor control wire
  • Excellent tool for precise jacket stripping of fiber optic multi-fiber cables
  • Strips wire and cable from 19 to 40mm in diameter
  • Stripping action is circumferential, longitudinal and spiral for removal of jacket and insulation
  • Spiral cutting features provides easier removal of harder jackets
  • Spriing-loaded cable brace firmly secures cable to the blade for controlled cutting action
  • Spring-loaded hook ripping blade extends from the bottom of tool to aid in insulation removal
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design for ease of use and storage
  • Long life blade design
  • Blade depth is regulated with a simple turn of the blade housing
  • Blade housing is PTEF coated, for smooth, low effort stripping
  • Replacement blade: CB 231 (Product Code.: F1-231)


  • Length: 5.93 in (152.00 mm)
  • Weight: 4.48 ounces (128.0g)

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