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14 Port Dual Purpose Hot Melt / Epoxy Oven

Mooseline Part No.: F1-9150

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14 Port Dual Purpose Hot Melt / Epoxy Oven

Sometimes, you may use epoxy-style connectors. Other times, you may prefer hot-melt connectors. This Dual Purpose Oven lets you use both! This unit includes an 8-port epoxy heater block, with temperature settings up to 100§C, and a 6-port Hot Melt block factory set at 245§C, which accepts 3M Hot Melt connectors. Each block has its own switch.

The Quik-Temp(tm) dual-purpose oven includes an 8 port epoxy heater block and a 6 port HotMelt heater block, each with its own on/off switch and each set to its own precise temperature. No need for clumsy cooling stands as this oven has them conveniently built-in.



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