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Aerial Fusion Splicer Workstation (Fits up to 3" Bucket Lip)

Mooseline Part No.: F1-AerialBB

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One of the most difficult locations from which to splice fiber optic cables is in an aerial closure where fieldtechnicians must perform a splice from an aerial bucket truck in a splicing closure suspended 15 - 30 feet from the ground.

Technicians are faced with the challenge of securing the splicing machine or test equipmentin a manner that facilitates a safe and easy fiber optic splice.

The Bucket Buddy is unique in that its shape allows it to easily slide over the "lip" of the bucket on basically any aerial bucket truck, and it willremain in place, attached securely to the bucket itself, to provide technicians a workstation attached to thebucket with which they can perform fiber splices, tests, or terminate drops.



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