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Skinny Fingers - Fiber Connector Insertion/Extraction Tool

Optimark Part No.: F1-SF1

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Fiber optic system installations often have densely-packed patch panels. Although they are space efficient, these patch panel arrays often make simple insertion and extraction of individual connectors difficult, if not nearly impossible. When small form-factor connectors (e.g. LCs) are involved, these difficulties are exacerbated.

The Optimark OPT SF-1 Fiber Optic Connector Insertion/Extraction Tool is capable of reaching into very tight spaces to perform these tasks. It has been designed to work with virtually all rectangular or square cross-section connectors, providing a positive grip on a connector without crimping adjacent fibers.

The Skinny Fingers tool can insert and extract fiber optic connectors such as SC, LC, MU, MTRJ and all other rectangular or square cross-section connectors easily.


  • Reach into very tight spaces
  • Compatible connectors: LC, MU, SC, E-2000, MT-RJ, and most other rectangular or square cross-section fiber-optic connectors
  • Durability: Tested to 1000 insertions/extractions without degradation of performance.
  • Materials:
    • BASF Ultramid 8223G*, with stainless steel strength members in the tips and pivot point
    • A stainless steel return spring
    • Stainless steel nut and bolt


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