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ProGrip 5 in 1 Fiber Optic Stripper

Greenlee Part No.: F1-1171

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The new multi-function fiber optic stripper from Greenlee has five settings for stripping fiber optic cable.

Product Features:

  • Strips outer jacket from 2.0-2.4mm fiber, 2.8-3.0mm fiber and 2.0-3.0mm loose tube buffer tubes.
  • Strips 900µm buffer from loose buffer without removing acrylate coating.
  • Strips buffer and acrylate from 900/125µm and 250/125µm fiber.
  • Factory set and calibrated.
  • New Part number: PA1171

Precision machined stripping cavities for:

  • 2.0 - 2.4mm outer jacket
  • 2.8 - 3.0mm outer jacket
  • 900 µm buffer insulation
  • 900/125 µm and 250/125µm buffer/acrylate


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