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6 Strands 62.5/125µm Multimode Figure 8 Aerial/Self-Supporting Cable

OCC Part No.: AR06TB

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This is a Figure 8 aerial/self-supporting cable. It is composed of one messenger and one fiber cable which contains 6 strands of 62.5/125µm multimode fibers. The fiber cable and messenger can be easily seperated. This cable provides ease of installation and reduces time and cost. Temperature range -5°C ~ 8°C.

Applications and Features

  • Applications:
    • Outdoor aerial installations along utility poles for cable television, telecom or other outside plant campus backbone applications without the need for cable lashing
  • Features:
    • Figure-eight construction for use with standard messenger clamping and support hardware.
    • Ideal for new installations. The figure-eight messenger cable reduces installation time and cost by approximately 50% compared to separate installation of a messenger wire and the lashing of the cable to the messenger.
    • Wide operating temperature range of -4°C to +8°C

General Characteristics

Operating Temperature -4°C to +8°C
Storage Temperature -5°C to +8°C
Installation Temperature (cable temp.) -3°C to +6°C
Crush Resistance 1,800 N/cm
Impact Resistance 1,500 impacts
These specifications are subject to change without prior notification.


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