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6 Strands 62.5/125µm Multimode Aluminum Interlocked Armored Cable - Indoor/Outdoor OFCP Plenum Rated

OCC Part No.: F1-PLK06

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This is an aluminum interlocked armored cable with OFCP Plenum rating suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It provides rodent protection suitable for outdoor direct burial applications. When used in indoor applications no innerduct is needed which saves time and cost. This cable contains 6 strands of 62.5/125/900µm tight buffered multimode fibers.

Applications and Features

  • Applications:
    • Ideal for industrial and other installations requiring a metallic conduit
    • May eliminate the need for innerduct or conduit
  • Features:
    • UL Listed in accordance with NEC section 770.179(b) for use in vertical runs in building risers or from floor to floor
    • Aluminum interlocking armor with PVC overjacket
    • Interlocking armor can be easily removed leaving an intact inner cable
    • Greater flexibility than standard corrugated steel armored (CST) cables
    • Ideal for locations that require conduit for cable protection
    • Preloaded armor may eliminate the need for conduit, reducing installation costs
    • Wide operating temperature of -4°C to +8°C
    • Optical Cable Corporation D, B, and G-Series Riser cables can be armored with interlocking armor. Standard fiber counts are:
      • D-Series riser: 2 to 72 fibers
      • G-Series riser: 12 to 48 fibers
      • B-Series riser: 2 to 24 fibers
      • Other fiber counts available


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